Who We Are

Vision & Strategic Priorities


Our Vision

Improving patient experiences and outcomes by connecting cancer care and driving best practice.


Strategic Goals 2017 - 2020 

A Networked Cancer Care System
  • Link services involved in cancer care (across all sectors including cancer centres, health services, community organisations) and work with these health services and health professionals to align priorities.
  • Strengthen linkages between metropolitan and regional cancer service providers.
  • Engage consumers and communities in the work of the ICS.
 High Quality Cancer Care
  • Implement the Optimal Care Pathways including improvements to multidisciplinary care, supportive care and care coordination.
  • Analyse available data and information of relevant clinical evidence/innovation and disseminate it to drive quality improvement.
  • Support providers to apply cost-benefit considerations to care/service planning and delivery.
  • Continue state-wide tumour summits to drive consistent cancer care across tumour streams.
  • Continue to drive improvements in the patient experience of cancer care.
  • Continue to support workforce development initiatives.
 A Research Informed Cancer Care System
  • Encourage providers to participate in clinical trials programs.
  • Support health services research.
  • Foster robust evaluation of cancer programs, models of care and ICS initiatives.

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