Quality & Outcomes

ECOBSW Registry


The Evaluation of Cancer Outcomes (ECOBSW) Registry was developed to capture outcomes, patterns of care and quality of care delivered to patients diagnosed with cancer in the Barwon South Western region.

Data includes stage at diagnosis, first line treatments and subsequent outcomes. The dataset provides comprehensive information to inform clinical and population health decision making for all residents of the region.

The data is used to:

 1. Identify variation in care and underlying causes
2. Monitor incidence, recurrence rates and survival within the region
3. Monitor patient pathways and identify inappropriate referrals within and external to the region
4. Determine the degree of compliance (and reasons for non-compliance) with quality of cancer care indicators
5. Provide detailed information to support service planning
6. Support research initiatives to understand and improve cancer care in the region

The ECOBSW Registry was awarded the '2015 Project of the Year' at Barwon Health's 16th Annual Quality Awards