Quality & Outcomes

ECOBSW Data Governance

In order to maintain privacy, confidentiality and data security, the ECOBSW Registry has a comprehensive governance structure including a robust data management framework.

Information collected and collated by the ECOBSW Registry is stored in a secure, password protected database. The data is housed and managed in accordance with the Improving Cancer Outcomes Act 2014 and does not contravene statutes or Health Privacy Principles contained in the Health Records Act 2001.

A Steering Committee was established to provide oversight of the ECOBSW Registry. Responsibilities include:
• Develop policies for data access
• Respond to quality of care issues
• Review research and data requests
• Protect the needs and interests of all stakeholders
• Oversee financial responsibilities
• Promote compliance with privacy legislation
• Promote data quality improvement processes
• Incorporate consumer perspective

For more information regarding the ECOBSW Data Governance structure, please contact Leigh Matheson on (03) 4215 0464