Improving Care

Supportive Care

Victoria's Cancer Plan 2016-2020 sets the direction and targets for cancer reforms. Cancer Plan Action Area 4: Wellbeing and Support is committed to the following priorities:

• Strengthening supportive care and self-management
• Supporting cancer survivors to recover and thrive
• Maintaining quality of life through palliative care and end of life care

The supportive care policy outlines the strategic directions for supportive care services and provides a framework for achieving the Cancer Plan supportive care commitments. BSWRICS is working with regional Health Services to respond to the needs of patients and carers across the Barwon South West region.

Supportive Care is an umbrella term that encompasses five inter-related domains of care; physical, social, psychological, spiritual and information.

Cancer patients and their families may require support by a range of health disciplines to deal with the impact of their diagnosis. WeCan  is an Australian Supportive care website to help people affected by cancer find the information, resources and support services they may need following a diagnosis of cancer. The site provides easy access to resources, services and information developed by other organisations who specialise in cancer and community support. 

If you have questions or would like to discuss any aspect of supportive care services, please contact BSWRICS.