Improving Care

Multidisciplinary Care

A key focus for BSWRICS is to increase the capacity of multidisciplinary care across the Barwon South West region. Multidisciplinary care focuses on continuity of care, development of appropriate referral networks, and pathways for treatment and care.

Benefits include:

  • Improved treatment planning
  • Improved communication and support between treating teams
  • Identification of supportive care needs for people with cancer
  • Improved coordination of services
  • Increased opportunities for recruitment to clinical trials
  • Reduction in service duplication

Cancer Multidisciplinary Meetings (MDMs) are regularly held across the region for a number of cancer types. These meetings support a team approach to treatment planning and ongoing care for newly diagnosed people with cancer as well as those requiring treatment plan reviews or palliative care.

The following meetings are held in the Barwon and South West region:

MDM Meeting  Location  Frequency 
Breast University Hospital Geelong Weekly
Lung University Hospital Geelong Weekly
Colorectal  University Hospital Geelong  1st, 3rd, 5th weeks of each month 
Upper GI  University Hospital Geelong  Fortnightly 
Urology University Hospital Geelong Fortnightly
Neuro-Oncology  University Hospital Geelong  Fortnightly 
Lymphoma  University Hospital Geelong  Fortnightly 
Skin  University Hospital Geelong  Fortnightly 
Endocrine  University Hospital Geelong  4-weekly 
Multi-tumour stream  St John of God Warrnambool Hospital  Fortnightly 
Supportive Care South West Regional Cancer Centre Fortnightly

Clinicians requiring further information on the MDM program please contact:

Barwon meetings


Phone: 03 4215 0462

South West meetings


Phone: 03 5563 4300

De-identified information is used to regularly evaluate the multidisciplinary meetings as part of a commitment to continuous quality improvement as per the Victorian Cancer Service Performance Indicators.