Improving Care

Optimal Care Pathways

Optimal Care Pathways (OCPs) are a framework for consistent, safe, high-quality and evidence based care for people with cancer. For more information about OCPs, please click here.

As a high-level framework for cancer care, OCPs align with many existing service improvement projects and will underpin many new service improvement projects.

BSWRICS is working collectively with other Integrated Cancer Services and taking a state-wide approach to OCP implementation. The state focus over the next 12 months (until June 2017) will be lung, colorectal and ovarian cancer.

Communication with health professionals and consumers about OCP implementation will occur regularly via this webpage, the BSWRICS newsletter and email. The information below will be updated regularly to reflect the OCP implementation in the Barwon South West region, enable engagement and to promote opportunities for meaningful involvement.

OCP Progress Update

BSWRICS continues to work with health services and partner organisations in our region to plan and implement interventions for the following focus areas:

  • Supportive Care
  • Referral Pathways
  • Cancer Multidisciplinary Meetings

These focus areas were identified as opportunities to enhance treatment and care for people diagnosed with lung and colorectal cancer and were identified through consultation with key health professionals, collation of findings from prior consumer voice consultations, cancer service mapping and analysis of regional cancer data.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the implementation of OCPs further, please contact Rebecca Steele (BSWRICS Service Development Coordinator) who is leading this important work for our region.